Wanderlust or Homesickness?

Ansicht aus dem Vermittlungsraum © Foto: David Aebi

If you had to choose between ‘wanderlust’ and ‘homesickness’, which would you choose?

By asking this question, we would like to encourage you to enrich the exhibition Aller-Retour. Schweizer Fotografie im Wechselspiel zwischen Fernweh und Heimat [Return trip. Swiss photography in the interplay between wanderlust and homeland] with your own contributions.

Send us a photograph that expresses your feelings of wanderlust or homesickness. You may of course send pictures expressing both feelings, or just one of them.

Feel free to choose your own format – whether you use an SLR camera or a smartphone, whether or not you touch up the picture, or make a photo collage or a montage, we shall be delighted to receive your original, personal pictures!

We would also be very pleased to receive a title or caption for your picture, or even a short story to accompany it. We shall print out your text with the picture and display them in the enter project room until 13th August.

Please send your picture (JPEG format, at least 220dpi) to before 07.8.2017.

Please note that your image must not infringe the rights of third parties.By sending your picture you agree that it will be used as follows:

  • in the exhibition in the enter project room
  • in media activities, including the homepage and Facebook page of the Kunstmuseum Thun