The Apple. An Introduction. Again and Again

Antje Majewski (b. 1968)
The Freedom of Apples, 2015
Video still
© Antje Majewski / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

4. September – 21. November 2021


This thematic exhibition is dedicated to the apple as a traditional fruit in both art and cultural history. The Kunstmuseum Thun is working closely with the artists Antje Majewski (b. 1968, Marl, D) and Paweł Freisler (b. 1942, Warsaw), who have been dealing with apples in their art for many years. They explore the theme in both aesthetic and symbolic terms – Majewski in paintings of apples and Freisler in carvings – as well as in the context of research and agriculture. The issues addressed include biodiversity, conservation of different varieties, nutrition, resilience and climate change. The exhibition will also show works by other contemporary Swiss artists on the subject of apples.