Ausstellungsansicht UNSER T[H]UN, 2016, Foto: Ian G. C. White

Impression Workshop

Impression Workshop Plastik

Impression Workshop Quilt

Ausstellungsansicht UNSER T[H]UN, 2016, Foto: Ian G. C. White

11. September – 27. November 2016


In March 2016, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the female residents of the Thun region were invited to the festive opening of OUR T[H]UN project in Thun-Panorama. Starting from the 200-year cyclorama by Marquard Wocher, the project aims at dealing with today's living space through creative activities. Throughout the summer artists from the region will provide impetus in this regard and offer different workshops: creating with tones and sounds, with brushes and paints, with hands, body and voice, with fabric and thread, with plastic bags and iron. The intense involvements will culminate in an exhibition in the extension building of the Thun panorama, where the resulting creations will be presented. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Projekte Netzwerk Thun (Frouebrügg Thun, intercultural library biblios).