inter/act: New Social Sculptures
1: Szuper Gallery (Susanne Clausen, Pavlo Kerestey)

Exhibition view Szuper Gallery 2012, photo: Dominique Uldry

Exhibition view Szuper Gallery 2012, photo: Dominique Uldry

31. March – 9. April 2012

Projektraum Enter

In the series inter/act: New Social Sculptures, the first art project by Szuper Gallery will be opened on 30 March. Szuper Gallery is an artist duo from London, who perceives the context as a social, medial, architectural and political space. The project in Thun involves an installation in the project room enter and a new live performance. By viewing the changing conditions and the crisis that appears surprisingly normal, Szuper Gallery presents a multilayered project that understands the concept of performance as a social practice.

The exhibition
What are the implications of the permanent state of crisis? What do mountain gorillas have in common with city dwellers of the 21st century? What connects the statements of a heart attack patient with a group of school children who hang around in a gallery? With such questions as a starting point, the duo developed some of the material and conceptual elements that constitute their new project. Economic crisis, global warming or nuclear winter, we are constantly reminded that we are on the verge of disaster.

The performance
In the framework of Kunstmuseum Thun, the performance developed by Szuper Gallery together with the performer Michele Sereda tries to bring together the concept of crisis, the form of social choreography and unexpected moments. This is a performance of possibilities, in which Szuper Gallery examines how we understand togetherness. In the process, children of the primary schools Pestalozzi (3rd / 4th grade of Christina Lutz) and Schönau (3rd class of Gabrielle Nydegger) are integrated in a special way.
Other actors:
Szuper Gallery
Michele Sereda, Canadian actress and performer
Prof. Klaus Zuberbühler, primatologist of the University of St Andrews
Colonel, General Staff Member Hans-Ulrich Haldimann, Commander of Waffenplatz Thun

The artists: Szuper Gallery
Szuper Gallery is a collaboration between Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey. Jointly, they produce video installations and live performances, interventions and curatorial projects. In these works, performance and installation become the place for postproduction and metaproduction, where the flow of film and performance images is choreographed in a critical area. Installations are reminiscent of film sets and stage designs, where the development and production of the work itself can be experienced. Recently they implemented a series of performance installations together with the Canadian performer Michele Sereda and Curtain Razor.
Other exhibitions by Szuper Gallery: Kunsthalle Helsinki, 2005; Western Front, Vancouver; 2005 Shedhalle Zürich, 2009; Zeh Gallery, Kiev, 2009; Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Arsenal Kiev, 2011, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Canada 2011.